The Road to Pet-Nat


Koen wijst de weg

Discovery journey

    Since October 2020, Koen has started a search for the perfect ratio between tannins, acids and everything else that can be found in the flavor spectrum. That journey was sailed under the name: Wildbloei (see:

The starting point: gaining knowledge at De Nieuwe Winkel and Nevel, and then bundling it into new healthy soft drinks and non-alcoholic alternatives. During 2021, the Wildbloei Kombucha bottles will be spread across Nijmegen and for sale at nine different locations. Almost a year later, Koen's sights are on sharpening: introducing the world to the natural bubbles of Wildbloei and other like-minded producers.

He does this with a shop, production space and learning place in one. A living room for all things fermentation, a place to see and smell what it means to look at the traditional drinks world from a different perspective. That's how Pet-Nat came to fruition.

Only Pet-Nat was not just conceived to offer an alternative. There's more to it. Alcoholic drinks have become entrenched in our society in recent decades when it comes to their image of relaxing and enjoying. But why actually? Research continues to show how unhealthy it is. Without beer or wine you are fitter, you sleep better and you lose weight without effort. And then we haven't even mentioned our exemplary role towards young people and the large groups of people who cannot or are not allowed to drink alcohol. Take, for example, pregnant women, Muslims or addicts.

In addition to personal health, there is more important. Mother Earth. With the sale of Wildflower bottles we were able to plant 10 trees in the Vechtdal in our start-up year. But our green mission goes much further: 50% of the net profit should be spent directly on nature. With this we compensate, among other things, our full emissions, we contribute to a healthy and beautiful living environment and we want to be a source of inspiration for other entrepreneurs to show that things can be done differently!

It's time for everyone to enjoy without consequences. So join us on a journey through idyllic kombuchas and innovative spice blends. Towards a healthy and challenging world full of goodies. Cheers!